Would Your Child Benefit From Elementary Montessori?

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Would Your Child Benefit From Elementary Montessori?

9 May 2022
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Elementary Montessori allows your child to learn in a new and engaging way that works for them — via movement and getting around. Your child gets a more customized learning experience as they explore the methods that work best for them when it comes to learning, and they can focus most on the topics that interest them well. Will your child benefit from an elementary Montessori school? It's likely they might, especially if any of the following apply to your young one.

Your child needs to be stimulated

Does your child struggle to learn in a traditional classroom because they feel like they are not stimulated or challenged? If so, then they may benefit from elementary Montessori, which allows them to learn by touching and doing. Often, children are encouraged to express themselves as they see fit based on the type of stimulation they need or what they are most drawn to in order to learn.

For example, if your child loves music, they can learn math and reading skills via music and song. If your child loves to be outside, they can learn largely in an outdoor area. There is something for every child in an elementary Montessori program.

Your child needs to have personal attention while they learn

Does your child struggle to learn in a traditional classroom because they feel they don't get enough attention and cannot focus? A lot of elementary Montessori schools have a low ratio of students to teachers, so students get more of the one-on-one attention they need. What study areas does your child do well in? These they can be more autonomous with, while the areas where your child needs work with can be given more private attention.

Your child needs to have a new learning environment

Does your child struggle to learn in a traditional classroom because they need a more encouraging and social environment? Your educational goals for your child can be better met in an elementary Montessori program, which can help them thrive and find their own voice. Students are given a more personalized schedule for learning that works best for them, and you can have your child's skills catered to in the classroom if you choose this type of learning environment for them.

You can explore what an elementary Montessori classroom has to offer your child before enrolling them in a program like this. A school advisor or representative can give you a tour of a school you have an interest in to help you decide what is best for your family. A school like Tej Acton Academy has more information.