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Hello, my name is Gerry Polk. I am looking forward to talking to you about early childhood education. Kids as young as three years old can benefit from educational opportunities. Placing your child in a high quality preschool can give him or her a boost when it comes time to go to elementary school and beyond. The early childhood education opportunities teach kids to read, do math and complete art projects at a young age. I hope to explore this topic in great detail on my site. I invite you to come through and read my information on a regular basis. Thank you.


Here’s How A Kids’ Task Timer Can Help Them Get Started On Homework Or Household Chores

25 August 2019
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While many adults suffer from chronic procrastination, it can be even worse with children. Kids may complain and refuse to begin boring tasks such as doing their homework or doing chores around the home—sometimes they may wait until the last minute, and sometimes they may never do them at all. One way to help your child get started with tasks and focus on them is to use a kids' task timer. Read More …

3 Ways To Promote Independence In Your Preschool Child

2 January 2019
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In many ways, one of the most important things your child will be learning during their time in preschool is how to think and act independently. Learning how to think and act independently can be a big task for many children, and it is a very important developmental milestone. Preschool is designed to help your child learn how to be independent and confident in tackling tasks and situations on their own with appropriate supervision. Read More …