3 Tips For Getting Your Child To Like Child Care

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3 Tips For Getting Your Child To Like Child Care

27 May 2016
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If you are going to start taking your child to child care services, then you may be unsure of how the transition is going to go. If your child seems to be unsure of the entire situation and is hesitant to go, then there are some things that you can do to help make the process go much more smoothly for both your child, as well as yourself. This article will discuss 3 tips for getting your child to like child care. 

Help Them Find A Buddy

If your child doesn't feel alone when they go to child care, they are much more likely to have a good experience from the get-go. To help them feel like they aren't alone, you can help them to find a buddy. Whether their buddy be their sibling, friend, or even one of the childcare workers, they need someone that they know is going to be there with them for the duration of their stay. This buddy will not only give them someone to play with, but will also help them look forward to going to childcare each day to see and play with this special friend. 

Explain To Them All Of The Fun Things That They Will Be Doing

If your child realizes all of the fun things that they are going to be participating in at child care, they are likely going to be much more excited to go. You can talk with the child care workers initially and ask them what types of activities the children will be doing. This will allow you to then tell your child all of the fun activities that they get to do each day. Your child will then look at childcare as more of a playtime situation, rather than something to fear or be anxious about.

Start With Short Time Intervals

Simply dropping your kid off at childcare and leaving them there for a long amount of time can sometimes be very stressful for them. They may get anxious the longer that you are gone and they may also begin to fear that you are not going to return. An excellent way to help your child transition into childcare more successfully, is to start with short time intervals and steadily increase the time that you leave them each day. This will allow your child to slowly get used to being away from you for longer periods of time, rather than giving them a big shock all at once.