3 Ways To Help When Your Child Is Failing Math Class

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3 Ways To Help When Your Child Is Failing Math Class

26 May 2017
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If your child is failing math, you may find yourself feeling helpless and wondering what you can do to help them. If so, use one or more of the following ways you can help when your child is struggling with their math class.

Ask the Teacher for Instructional Materials

One way you can help your child with their math homework is to ask their teacher for instructional materials. These could include explanations of the problems the class is working on and extra assignment worksheets.

Having instructional materials on hand can assist you in two ways. First, you have something to look at so you can review and relearn the material. Depending on the types of problems being taught and how long ago you were taught them, you may need a refresher.

Second, having additional worksheets to give your child at home gives them more practice. As they work through the problems, you can be there with them to explain each step and answer any questions they have.

Discover How Your Child Learns

Another thing you can do to help your child learn is to discover the method with which they learn best. Since everyone retains information differently, you may need to explain the math problems in a different way.

For example, your child may have trouble comprehending verbal explanations of the math problems. However, if you take out some of their toys, explain the math by showing them, and having them perform the same tasks, the combination of visual and hands-on learning may help them.

Hire a Math Tutor

Even if you use one or both methods above, you may still feel that you are not doing all you can or have enough time to help your child bring their math grade up. If so, you could hire a math tutor.

While you can still continue to work with your child at home, having a private tutor who has extensive experience with the math problems can give your child additional learning support. You can schedule sessions once a day or a couple times a week, depending on the amount of help you, the teacher, and the tutor feel your child requires.

Using a combination of the above methods can help you help your child who is failing their math class. If you are interested in hiring a math tutor, you may want to ask your school for a list of services or individuals who are available to regularly meet with and assist your child. For more information, contact a business such as Shandon Tutors