How Can Autistic Children Cope Better With Daycare?

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How Can Autistic Children Cope Better With Daycare?

29 August 2017
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If you are a working parent, you may not have any other choice but to put your child in the care of a skilled provider during the day. Autistic children do have a tough time adjusting to the daycare setting, which makes it all the more important to choose your care provider carefully.

Look for Schools That Have Special Programs

Some schools have special programs for children with disabilities. They might keep these children under the care of specific staff who are trained to deal with developmental disabilities. You can find out by calling up the programs for daycare in question or by contacting a local social services agency to find options.

Consider Specialized Programs

Children with autism and similar disabilities are bound to do better in preschool programs that are more tailored to the individual. Montessori schools are one of the most founded examples of this. These schools allow students to choose activities that are most appealing to them. They provide a lot of different variety, so that children can find the areas of the day care center that they are most comfortable with. The schools also value having teachers who foster children's natural interests. The Montessori schools aren't the only school with a great child care philosophy, but they were one of the earlier schools to develop a tailored and enriching program for children. The bottom line is to find out what values your preschool stands for and how they plan to carry them out for students in their care.

Pay Extra for Extra Attention

Autistic children will do better in environments with less chaos and more individual attention. This means that you should steer away from day care centers with a very high volume of children in the same space. Take time to observe the current students in action and see what kinds of groups they are in and what the environments are like. Especially pay attention to how much teacher attention each child has at their disposal. If the staff are able to address issues early on, that is a great sign for how well your child would be supported during their time at the preschool.

Have Your Child Visit

Connecting with new caregivers will be a challenge for your child. Perhaps you should ease them in at the school of your choosing, taking them to the preschool one or two times per week to start with. Once they are starting to adjust, you can move towards a full time schedule.

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