Private Education: Yay Or Nay?

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Private Education: Yay Or Nay?

11 December 2017
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The debate is still open on whether private education is definitively better for students than public education. Here are some of the common arguments. 

Private Education Is Great for Unusual Students

There is one thing that is certain: private education works really well for students with unique needs. For instance, special education students might not be served well by a public school. Resources are limited, and the student to staff ratio is often not enough for these students. If you can get your child into a private education institution with more resources and more staff, it is often worth it. They will have more time to devote to helping your child learn, and they are less likely to get left behind. 

Some Students May Not Take Advantage of Private School

There is no guarantee that every student will benefit from private education. Some students are simply not going to be engaged in school, no matter what. Perhaps they simply don't thrive in a structured learning environment, and they aren't interested in learning the subjects presented in school. There is some hope that these students will react better when placed in private education. Since the teacher has more time to spend on each student, they might have more time to present material in a unique way to these children. They will have more time to make a personal connection with students, and some students might come around and be more engaged in material that's taught by a great teacher. It's worth a shot at private education. 

Specialized Schools Offer More

Schools that offer a specialized education, such as schools geared specifically towards the arts or sciences, can prepare students for certain career tracks much better than the average school. They may offer a wider range of advanced classes in these topic areas. Public school tend to be more generalized, with classes in all subject areas. If you know that your child is extremely gifted in one subject area, it is worth looking for private education options that will cater more to those subjects. That will help your child develop their unique interest and develop past the point that they would have been able to reach in public school. 

It really depends on your student; there is no single answer for whether private school is worth it. If you think your child has some specific needs or interests that aren't being served by the public school system, take a look at private education. If your child is doing just fine where they are, there's not necessarily a reason to move them.