Sending Your Twins To Preschool: How To Take Full Advantage Of The Opportunities That Await

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Sending Your Twins To Preschool: How To Take Full Advantage Of The Opportunities That Await

8 April 2018
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Preparing one child for preschool can be a challenge, but when you have twins, you have double the responsibility and double the details to take care of. Still, taking full advantage of this wonderful opportunity is your main goal, and even with two tots going through the transition and entering the great big world beyond home, you've got this!

Evaluate The Possible Need For Separate Preschools

While it's perfectly natural for your twins to want to do everything together, sometimes a little separation is healthy. Drop offs and pick ups may be more demanding on you, since the children would be at different locations, but if you think they'll have the opportunity to grow more as individuals if they're in two different environments, the extra effort could have a big payoff.

Prep Your Twins For The Upcoming Adventure

Especially if you've taken advantage of the fact that your children have "built-in" playmates, lessening the need to find other kids outside of your home, your twins may need a little preparation before being introduced to large groups of children. Take them to local playgroups, the park, or other places where they'll have to share, cooperate, and communicate effectively in the new group setting. Observe their behavior, too, noting any special challenges you think they might face once they get into actual preschool.

Look For Preschools As Early As Possible

Most definitely if you're going to keep your twins together when going to preschool, you need to start looking for one early on. Many schools have waiting lists, and getting one child in can be a challenge, let alone two. Starting early will give you the time you need to pick just the right place(s) for your tots to begin their new educational journeys.

Keep In Touch With Preschool Staff

While every parent should work closely with the staff at a daycare or preschool, this reasoning may apply even more so to you. If you keep the kids together, you'll want to make sure they're learning independence and are able to get along with others as individuals. If they're separated, getting use to the new environment and other children might be tricky, necessitating extra coaching from you. In any case, it's good to monitor progress and know what your kids are up to.

Support Your Twins At Home With Extracurricular Learning

It might be beneficial for you to engage in practice at home for some challenges faced at preschool, especially since you want to emphasize how important it is to study, learn, and grow. Make activities fun and involve the whole family to show your twins they have the support of those who love them most. Reading, role-play, and arts and crafts at home are all great tasks to enhance the education your twins are getting at their daily venues. and you'll be giving them a major advantage in their respective classrooms.

You face unique challenges as the parent of twins, but you know how to take advantage of every opportunity to help your kids grow, learn, and start turning into the amazing little people you know they're destined to be. Once you all get the new routine down at a preschool like Small World Early Learning & Development Center, treat yourself and the twins to something special, like make-your-own sundaes or a trip to your favorite picnic area. You're all reaching new heights with your daily accomplishments, and these days should provide you with some special memories.